Friday, November 2, 2007

ships n stuff

I've outsmarted my scanner into doing my bidding. Now I can make it scan whatever I want. Mwahahahaaaa!!!

But seriously. Here of some more of those space ships I've been doing. I forgot to label them with numbers or something, but I would still like input on which ones you people like the best. Those 2 little dots represent the small fighter ship that I had posted earlier. These are significantly larger so keep that in consideration.

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sujen said...

This might sound too easily predictable..but the biggest one in the middle looks like it would be loads of fun to walk through. :D Your shiptalent never ceases to amaze me stephen. I really like the one to the bottom right of the middle one too--maybe the middle one could be like, the mothership or something and that's just a deploy? XD *doesn't know anything about sci-fi thangs*
You should totally render these. *.*