Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my dragon

So I finally finished my freakin kinetic model. This is probably the best thing that I've ever made in my entire life. I can't even count how many hours and days that I have spent slaving over this crazy little marvel.

I'm absolutely crazy, but there are still things that I want to change about it. For one, I want to go back and change some of the details on the book. As it is most people think that the dragon is just sitting on a box. Second, I glued the legs flush to the side of the dragon's midsection. I need to space them away a little to give them a more realistic look.Third, I need to fill in the gaps in the torso and tail upper covering. Next I would like to include the saying "each page paints a thousand pictures." Next I would like to make the knight three dimensional instead of just a silhouette.

If you have any suggestions on other alterations to make to the most wonderful wooden creation of all time, then please let me know.

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